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Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections


Parkview is pleased to announce that our practice now offers the advanced medical technology of point-of-care ultrasound, also know as bedside or portable ultrasound. While many of you may be familiar with doctors using ultrasound to view babies in the womb, we use this safe, non-invasive technology to view the internal anatomy like joints, muscles, tendons, bones and tissue. We can even use ultrasound to see these parts moving in real time and you – as our patient – can watch it all LIVE on the viewing screen with us! Have you had knee injections for osteoarthritis in the past that have not helped? We now can visualize and verify that the injectable medication is exactly where it will be most effective. The use of ultrasound guided injections has also been shown to diminish the discomfort associated with these injections. We are excited that this progressive diagnostic and procedural tool has been added to our list of patient services.