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Viscosupplementation of the Knee

Viscosupplementation is a new drug-free alternative to treat arthritis of the knee. Viscosupplementation provides the knee with a “lubricant” that acts as a shock absorber that cushions the knee joint and improves pain that is caused from arthritis. This “lubricant” is given by your orthopaedic surgeon via an injection in the knee on three separate office visits one-week apart. The “lubricant” is a thick viscous gel sterilely injected into the knee and can relieve the pain of Osteoarthritis without surgery, helping one lead a more active lifestyle with increased mobility. Viscosupplementation is well tolerated and is indicated in the patient who has failed to respond to other conservative treatment options, such as over the counter pain medications, weight loss, and even prescription arthritis medications. Side effects are generally minimal and can include transient local pain and swelling. Furthermore, viscosupplementation has provided proven pain relief with avoidance of the side effects of both prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatory arthritis medications, such as stomach, kidney, and liver problems.


To see if you are a candidate for viscosupplementation, please call Parkview Musculoskeletal Institute to schedule a thorough evaluation with one of our orthopaedic physicians at 708-361-0600.