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Knee Arthroscopy

Knee problems can result from multiple causes. These can include traumatic injuries, overuse, structural weakness or a natural part of the aging process. Knee problems are often successfully diagnosed and treated with arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a technique that allows your orthopedic surgeon to see inside your knee, using only small incisions.

Initial Evaluation:

Before treatment, a medical history and physical examination needs to be performed. Diagnostic testing such as routine x-rays will help in the determination of your problem. An MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) may be necessary to aid your physician in your evaluation.

Common Knee Problems Treated with Arthroscopy:

These include meniscus tears, ligament tears, cartilage wear, loose bone fragments, and patella (kneecap) problems.

Arthroscopic Surgery:

This is usually performed as an outpatient surgical procedure. After your surgery a brief time will be spent in the recovery room. Once you are able to, you are discharged home. Pain medication will be prescribed for you and a follow-up appointment will be made. Exercise and physical therapy are generally required after surgery