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Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior knee pain is also known as Patello-Femoral Knee Pain and/or Chondromalacia. Patients frequently complain of pain behind their Kneecaps during various activities.

Common Symptoms:

Patients describe pain beneath their kneecaps when climbing stairs, squatting or when sitting with their knees bent for extended periods of time. Running, jumping, and kicking are also known to aggravate the pain.


Diagnostic evaluation includes a detailed history and physical examination by your physician. An x-ray of the knee is commonly performed and an MRI scan is sometimes necessary to delineate the cause of a patients symptoms after a trial of conservative treatment.


Treatment options include conservative treatment regimens consisting of rest, exercise, and medication. Physical therapy is sometimes necessary. The vast majority of patients respond to conservative treatment. Rarely, knee injections may be necessary and/or arthroscopic surgery intervention.